Get that WONDER-ful Blow Dry!
How to

Get that WONDER-ful Blow Dry!

There is simply nothing as elegant as a perfectly executed blow-dry- it’s just a fact. Coined the blow dry or the blow out as some would say, this hairstyle is an absolute staple, loved by women everywhere for its effortless versatility. Think big and bouncy, gravity-defying locks full of body and shine, and now you are about to discover the secret to perfecting it (lucky you!).


Happy healthy hair never goes out of style and is so key for creating amazing styling results. Incorporate our I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask into your night time routine. Apply to dry hair and this quick drying mask will absorb into your tresses working its magic whilst you sleep by harnessing the power of natural proteins to help repair and strengthen strands, restoring them to their former glory.


Rise, shine and rinse! Wash out our wonderful mask with our equally as wonderful I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo and finish off by using our Wonder Conditioner to treat from mid lengths to tips. These sulphate free, dermatologically-tested formulas respond to your hair type to deliver the exact needs your hair so desperately craves, so wave goodbye to split ends and say hello to silky smoothness, ready and primed to create a sleek volumized style masterpiece!

If your hair colour has been lack-lustre of late, we have great news for you; both our Wonder Shampoo and Conditioner aid in combating colour fade, leaving both coloured and natural hair vibrant and rejuvenated. Our Wonder Shampoo contains Sunflower seed extract which helps prevent colour fade and prolong the life of your colour treatments, whilst our Wonder Conditioner contains wheat protein providing a weather-proofing defence to help shield your hair from environmental aggressors to keep your blow dry perfect from AM to PM.


Now you are all ready to style. Blast your wet hair with a hair dryer until it is 90% dry so it is prepped for the all-important styling details to come. Next, grab a round hairbrush and use it to guide the hair when drying the last 10%; this will allow you to achieve a super smooth finish to the hair.


Work the ends of the hair around the brush, using a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle to help form the signature blow dry face framing curve at the ends of the hair. Once your hair is fully dry, continue to wrap the ends of your hair back around the brush to reaffirm the shape. Now, for an industry best kept blow dry secret, to help keep the bow dry shape all day turn your hair dryer to the cool setting at the very end of your styling process, this will help to keep the style set for longer, and who doesn’t want that!

And there you have it, the perfect quick and simple guide to a salon worthy bouncy blow dry which you can perfect at home, just be prepared for all the compliments you’ll be getting!

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