This is Your New 5-Step Regimen to Effortlessly Good Hair
Hair Care

This is Your New 5-Step Regimen to Effortlessly Good Hair

Are you searching for your perfect hair? Just like a great skincare routine gives you beautiful skin, you can reach your hair goals with the right hair care regimen.

At Percy & Reed, we think we've created the perfect routine for effortlessly good hair (all the time!). With just these five steps (that's Prep, Prime, Style, Refresh, Treat) you can create your own personalised regimen to achieve brilliant results and beautiful hair.

At this point, you may be wondering... 'Do I need to follow all five steps every day?!' Absolutely not! You can totally make this routine work around your schedule. 

But why five steps and how do they benefit you? Well, a consistently good routine helps produce consistently good results! Like any routine or regimen, keeping it up is what ensures your success. We believe this combination of steps will give your hair all it needs to stay nourished and in fantastic condition.

First Step... Prep 

We believe that great hair starts in the shower so much that we made it one of our slogans! Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type will work wonders for your hair. It’s the best way to start your hair care routine, and that's why it all starts with Prep.

There are so many shampoos and conditioners to choose from that it can be a challenge to find your perfect match. If you find out exactly what your hair needs, you’ll get the best results. For example, for hair that’s dry or damaged, using a choice like Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner can offer the perfect pick me up for parched hair and give a real hydration hit. Percy & Reed offer a Wonder, Volume, Shine, Moisture and Anti-Dandruff range. If you’re not sure which is right for you, follow this handy guide to finding the right shampoo for your hair type or take our Hair Quiz!

Second Step... Prime

hair primer for dry hair

Now it’s time to prime. Just after washing and towel-drying your hair is the perfect time to apply a hair primer. So, why do you need a hair primer? Just like you use a skin primer after washing your face and before applying your make-up, a hair primer acts as the perfect prep for styling your hair. It smoothes each and every hair strand, provides heat protection and helps to ease and speed the styling process.

Applying a leave-in balm, like award-winning Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm will protect against frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours and help your style last longer. And what’s not to like about that. 

Third Step... Style

mousse for hair volume

The next step is to style your hair and using the right products for your hair type is everything.

“But what hair styling products should I use?” You may ask... This is where you need to think about the style you want to create. Is it an every day look or a one-off style? Will there be multiple styling tools used or do you just want to blow dry and go? Whatever the look you want to create, we have the best hair styling products to suit each style. Your hair goals are easily within reach.

To choose the right products, first think about the hair texture you have and what look you want to create. For example, do you want frizz control, volume or shine? Do you want poker-straight hair, beachy waves or beautifully bouncy curls? 

If you want to create that shiny, high-gloss look seen on A-listers all over Instagram, you may want to try a little Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair or Fine Hair to get that glossy, glass-like effect. If you have fine hair that needs some extra oomph, check out products that create volume. Volume building styling products are great for anyone with limp hair that can fall flat, try Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse or Up, Up & Away Root Lift Mousse. For that off-duty model look try creating beachy waves with award-winning salt spray, Beyond the Beach Texture Spray. Tame that Mane Smoothing Styling Cream is a must-have for anyone with hair that craves rehydration and for naturally coarse, unruly hair. It will help you whip your hair into shape.

Once you have got the look you want, keep it all in place with a spritz of hairspray. All Percy & Reed products are designed to work together. 

Fourth Step... Refresh

dry shampoo for hair

Could your strands use a little boost as the day unfolds? Then get ready for step four. This is the time to refresh! It's also the step that you won't necessarily need to do every day.

For example, maybe you just need a quick hair fix. You can easily give your hair an instant boost on the go. Boost volume with Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray. Apply to your roots, and it will plump up your hair in a flash. Maybe you suffer from the dreaded humidity or drizzly rain frizz? No worries. A quick spritz of Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer will banish that frizz in a flash. And of course, dry shampoo is every girl's BFF. It can breathe new life into your hair and leave it feeling refreshed in an instant. 

Fifth Step... Treat 

hydrating mask for dry hair

The final step is one you may love just as much as your hair does. Take time out to pamper yourself and relax weekly by adding a treatment or mask to your hair routine. Percy & Reed hair treatments are jam-packed with nourishing ingredients that will keep your hair hydrated, healthy and happy. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery is an ingenious overnight treatment that gets to work while you sleep.

Or try fast-acting rinse out treatment Totally TLC Hydrating Mask. It’s a real rescue remedy that will help you say goodbye to dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. It will revitalise your hair from root to tip. Want super silky locks? Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil can transform even the driest of hair thanks to its Triple Seed Oil complex. If you apply it to damp towel-dried hair as a leave-in treatment, it will leave your strands with a super silky gloss.

Wondering what your personalised 5-step routine looks like? Why not try our Hair Quiz to help you find out!