What Shampoo should I use?
Hair Care

What Shampoo should I use?

As we always say, great hair starts in the shower. If you’re looking to level up your haircare routine, consider starting with the prep. Using the right shampoo for your type can be essential to giving your hair the TLC it needs - whether it’s extra hydration to moisturise dry ends or adding essential proteins to strengthen strands. With six shampoos to choose from all catering to specific hair concerns and types, we can be sure that we have the perfect shampoo for you.

Not sure where to start? Continue reading to discover which Percy & Reed Shampoo you need as part of your haircare routine.


Weak/ Brittle Hair

If your hair is prone to breakage and generally feels quite brittle, our Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo will be your best friend. Salon- expertise and science, bottled, the laboratory proven, keratin-rich formula rebuilds the surface of the hair for greater density, and injects moisture to increase elasticity – leaving you with stronger, healthier hair after just one use.

In fact, when paired with our Give Me Strength Strengthening Conditioner and Scalp Concentrate, hair feels 68% stronger after first use.


Colour Treated

Whilst all of our shampoos are safe for colour- treated hair, our I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo is the ideal option if you want to benefit from its colour fade prevention and protection. The innovative formula, on top of regulating hair’s moisture levels, defends hair from environmental aggressors, pollution and UV light – helping to keep hair bright and shiny, and your colour fresher for longer.
But don’t just take our word for it:

‘Shampoo is amazing, it brings out all colours in my hair. Was recommended by my hairdresser.’ – Mrs Pope

‘Excellent and it is SLS free! Can't get any better. My hair feels great after I use this and I hardly need to use any other products. I have colour-treated hair with quite dry ends but this shampoo works a treat along with the conditioner! Wouldn't be without it now.’ – Julie


Dry/ Coarse Hair

Does your hair need require some extra moisture from your haircare products? Then look no further than our Bye Bye Dry Hydrating Shampoo – as the name suggests, this shampoo delivers long-lasting hydration. Silk, keratin and macadamia nut oil penetrate the hair cuticle to hydrate from within, delivering long-lasting moisture to improve the condition of dry, damaged hair.

Ideal for thick and curly or straight, naturally dry hair, this shampoo is an ideal first step for those also in need of environmental defence, for protection against humidity to reduce unwanted frizz.


Dandruff or Itchy Scalp

If you are concerned about dandruff or an itchy scalp, look no further than our I’m No Flake Scalp Soothing Shampoo – laboratory proven to reduce flakes and itchiness. Expert ingredients, including Dandrilys® and anti-inflammatory Piroctone Olamine, help to purify the scalp, clearing and preventing dandruff, whilst balancing oil levels for fresh, clean, flake-free results.

‘I have tried just about every shampoo for itchy scalp on the market but this one is definitely the best. It has worked for me and I will definitely continue to use it.’ – Annette


Hair Loss or Thinning

Here at Percy & Reed, we know just how difficult thinning and hair loss can be – that’s why we created the perfect range to tackle this hair concern right at the root. Our Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo features laboratory-proven solutions to fortify strands and promote new healthy hair growth. The active formula includes Sweet White Lupine to encourage cell metabolism and circulation to boost new hair growth, whilst blocking the hormone responsible for hair loss (androgenic alopecia).

The Good Housekeeping Institute accredited the Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo in the Hair Loss Shampoo category. Their testing found: “This helped deliver healthier looking hair, with most of our panel reporting improved thickness and strength.” – Good Housekeeping Testing Institute


Fine/ Limp Hair

How does thicker, bigger and more volumised hair sound? Perfect? Discover our Turn Up The Volume Volumising Shampoo – our multi award-winning, sulphate-free shampoo that gives enviable volume and body to even the finest, flattest hair. Whilst packing a punch in the volume department, our expert formula blends pro vitamin B5 to thicken the hair, as well as avocado oil, green tea extract and lemon balm to nourish and protect from heat, humidity and pollution.

Alongside our iconic fragrance A Walk Through the Meadow, we currently also have our Turn Up The Volume Volumising Shampoo available in a limited edition fragrance London Florals – a bright, florals scent that captures the feeling of exploring a vibrant London flower market – shop here.


Sensitive Scalp

Love a shampoo with a gorgeous scent, but scalp too sensitive for fragrance? Though all of our shampoos are dermatologically tested, our I’m No Flake Scalp Soothing Shampoo and Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo involve a delicate blend of expert yet calming ingredients to care for your hair and scalp. Designed to soothe even the most sensitive scalps, our shampoos are perfume free, infused with a blend of calming essential oils ideal for experiencing a luxury yet gentle shower experience.

‘Thank you so much for this great product (I’m No Flake Scalp Soothing Shampoo) which leaves my hair and scalp healthy and smells heavenly!’ – Julia
‘I loved the smell of the shampoo (Give Me Strength Strengthening Shampoo), it reminded me of the smell of a spa and left my hair feeling really clean and fresh.’ – Lisa


Plastic Free

If you’re looking for sustainable yet salon worthy results, meet All Lathered Up Cleansing Shampoo Bar. 100% plastic free, SLS/SLES free, silicone free, gluten free and vegan friendly, our Cleansing Shampoo Bar can last up to 50 hair washes, surpassing most bottled shampoos which on average last 25-35 – making it a great option if you are looking for a cleaner, waste free and environmentally friendly routine.

Our shampoo bar features caring and nourishing ingredients, including avocado oil and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, to cleanse whilst promoting hair health and enhancing shine.


Now that you’ve had a rundown of all our shampoos and which would work best for your hair type – be sure to pick the best product for you for results that speak for themselves.