Why UV Protection Is So Important For Your Hair...

Why UV Protection Is So Important For Your Hair...

We have all started to wake up to how important sun protection is for our skin; but when lathering on our factor 50 to keep our youthful looks and protect our skin from the harmful UV damage catching rays can cause, have you ever stopped to think about the effects the sun could be having on your hair and scalp? Whether you’ve managed to grab a ticket abroad (you lucky thing!) or you’re enjoying a UK mini break to the beach this summer, remember your scalp is an extension of your skin. It deserves the same care and consideration when it comes to sun protection. If you want to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant, using products without UV protection could be hindering the health of your hair. Sun damage isn’t limited to your skin, it can play havoc with your hair, causing side effects like dehydration, reduced strength, poorer elasticity, decreased shine and colour fade. Luckily, we have an array of products that provide UV protection, ready to save your hair this summer, no matter what the British weather may throw at you!


I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner dream team is a great choice for all hair types, lengths and textures because it provides multiple benefits, so no compromising here! These wonder-ful formulas are sulphate free, vegan friendly and (you guessed it!) contain UV protection! This ingenious duo is perfect for summer, working to nourish dry, dehydrated strands, protecting against colour fade and defending against UV light. These specialist formulas contain Sunflower Seed Extract, an ingredient that helps to protect hair from the damage caused by UV radiation. This wonder ingredient also helps to reduce fading in dyed hair, prolonging the life of your colour treatments for bright, shiny locks all season long. And, it only gets better, this luxurious pair also contain nourishing ingredients that work to restore dry, damaged areas of the cuticle, infusing moisture only where needed, for soft, silky, shiny hair, that looks and feels healthy. Plus, Wheat Proteins aid in ‘weatherproofing’ the hair against environmental aggressors, so come rain or shine, this shampoo and conditioner has got you covered!


Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream

Keep your hair sleek this summer, regardless of the weather, with our Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream. This does-it-all styler defends against all of your seasonal hair concerns, fighting against frizz, taming unruly strands, hydrating parched hair and (of course!) offering protection from harmful UV. This nourishing formula improves manageability, tames flyaways and adds moisture back into dry, frazzled locks. Hello smooth, shiny, well behaved hair! What’s more, this salon-standard styler gives heat protection, plus it defends against frizz for up to 72 hours (even in high humidity), making it the perfect product for heatwave hair. Whilst this cream will keep your style under total control, it still allows your hair to retain its body and movement, allowing it to flow naturally. Effortlessly good hair has never been, well…so effortless!



Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer

Summer is finally here, but unfortunately, so is increased humidity, meaning for many of us our frizz will be in a frenzy! Luckily our Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer is here to keep frizz and pesky flyaways at bay. This quick-fix saviour is used on dry hair, to help fight frizz throughout the day, instantly smoothing the hair to revive your sleek, shiny style. You’re going to want to make this your summer handbag essential! The ultra-light, non-greasy formula features Coconut Oil and Moringa Oil, which have been blended with Sweet Almond Seedcake extract to nourish your strands by replenishing vital moisture and sealing the hair cuticle in a humidity resistant shield. This instantly tames and reduces frizz, whilst helping to protecting against future outbreaks. Plus, this on-the-spot solution also includes ingredients that absorb UV-B for that all-important protection. So, bring on the heat!


Big, Bold and Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray

Hair falling flat and looking a little lack lustre? Our Big, Bold and Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray will inject volume back into your style in a flash (or a couple of sprays!). Appropriately nicknamed ‘backcombing in a can’, you’re going to want this quick-fix volume refresher close by to keep your barnett boosted from day to night. The ultra-lightweight, non-sticky spray gives long-lasting lift from the root, delivering instant volume and texture to your style. Not only will this handy styler protect your volume, it also defends against UV-B and humidity. What’s not to love!


Time To Shine Eau My! Shine & Fragrance Spray

For an instant glow up this summer, look no further than our Time To Shine Eau My! Shine & Fragrance Spray. This multi-tasking marvel works as a glossing spray, hair perfume and gives UV defense, making it a true summer essential. Just a simple spritz of this lightweight mist gives serious gloss, delivering particle shine to the hair, which boosts light reflection for that gorgeous summer glow. This small but mighty spray also includes ingredients that absorb UV-B, to protect your gleaming locks from damage. Featuring our elegant, floral ‘Eau My Goodness’ fragrance, our Shine & Fragrance spray perfumes the hair with beautiful British notes of peony, rose, rhubarb and honey for an on-the-spot scent transformation. Available in a flight-friendly, handbag approved 50ml size, take this must-have spray with you to glam up your look, wherever your travels take you!


Struggling to choose which of our UV protection superstars you should splash out on this summer? We are here to help! Take the 5 Step Quiz on our website to find products that are perfect for you. Wanting more in-depth advice? We offer 1-2-1 consultations with our friendly professionals, who provide specialist recommendations tailored just for you. Browse our categories pages to discover the key to unlocking hair perfection this summer…