Style Stamina: Make Your Style Last

When you’ve styled your hair to perfection, you’re looking fabulous and full of confidence. We get it, there’s nothing like a great hair day to set you up for a day of feeling at your best. The trouble is, the morning often takes its toll and before you’ve even got to office you’ve battled the elements and the commute… and your hair just doesn’t look as great as it did when you checked yourself out in the mirror before dashing out the door.

Don’t despair, we’re here for you! The newest member of the Percy & Reed tribe is a total style saviour, and we’re sure she’s about to become your new best friend. Our new Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray gal is smart, sassy, and always stays in shape – just like her hair.

Now, if you’ve been put off using hairspray in the past we don’t blame you. That “crispy” look we all worked in our teen years really doesn’t cut it today. However, you know us by now. You know we do things differently!

The new Percy & Reed Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray is a virtually weightless mist, meaning it really won’t look like you’re wearing hairspray at all. It also helps combat heat styling damage, frizz and flyaways – making sure your hair always makes a lasting impression.

Of course, we want to make sure you get the most from our hair products when you invest in them – so here are a few essential tips from one half of Percy & Reed, Adam Reed himself, to help you achieve maximum style stamina.


Adam Reed’s Style Stamina Tips


Use hairspray as a braid aid

“Hairspray is a fantastic braid aid. When I'm braiding, I spray it onto my fingers and work it into the hair, pulling it through the lengths. This distributes the hairspray evenly throughout the braid so it’s not overloaded or stiff, but stays in shape until you're ready to brush it out.”





Create a perfectly tousled topknot

“For a tousled top knot, I rough-dry the hair and while it’s still damp apply The Perfect Blow Dry Makeover Spray to add volume and shape. Then I pull the hair up into a bun, securing it with a hook band, which I've sprayed with Extra Hold Hairspray. With the ponytail in place, I backcomb and spray it in sections with the hairspray. Then I manipulate the hair into shape and secure it with geisha pins. The messier the better!”




Backcomb for BIG volume

“There’s nothing like backcombing to get amazing volume into the hair. With our Extra Hold Hairspray, you can go as big as you dare, and keep it there! Just spray your comb with the hairspray before you use it, and then backcomb to add volume quickly, and exactly where you want it. You’ll be adding volume and staying power at the same time.”


Use hairspray on accessories

“To hold your fringe in place, spray hairspray lightly onto a brush and pull it through the fringe. You can also do this over the entire surface of your hair to remove static. Another tip is to spray pins, grips and elastics with hairspray before using them, which helps you to position them and keeps them in place.”


And hairspray isn’t just for post-styling…

“You can use Percy & Reed hairsprays before styling your hair too. Spray sections of your hair with hairspray before using heated tools on them. This warms the hairspray during the styling process, so it can cool and hold the hair in place.”


Have you tried our new Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray yet? We’d love to know your thoughts and get your own #StyleStamina tips! Share your hairstyles with us on Twitter & Instagram, or head on over to our Facebook Page to let us know what you think.